Author Topic: Ensure that the last back amount is a realistic price  (Read 702 times)

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Hi all,

I have an automated trigger, and it places a back bet on the favorite between  certain prices.....and it works well as a a safe guard I have put in place to back where the back price is only 3 ticks different to the lay price...I thought this would cover the issue with unrealistic betting prices been placed..however on a couple of occassions unrealistic backing prices have been picked 3-3 when the score is 1-0 on a certain match (low volume match)...

My question is two fold

(1) Is there a way to further tighten the trigger on back ensuring that the bet price has already been matched?
(2) Can a trigger be programmed to after a market has been suspended , ie after a goal has been scored to wait a specific time til the markets have settled back down.

Thanks for any information.



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Re: Ensure that the last back amount is a realistic price
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selections last traded price is between <your target backing price range>

markets minutes since the last goal is greater than x

perhaps also look at the market's book percentages, for example:
markets back book % is less than 105
though this could be more difficult to achieve in low volume markets

and also it looks like you are backing in correct score market, perhaps use the market_score variables to choose appropriate selections. e.g. if current score is 1-0 only trade in 1-1 or 2-0, use a condition block like this:
  selections trigger expression market_score1 is equal to 1
  and selections trigger expression market_score2 is equal to 0
  and selections name is in list "1 - 1", "2 - 0"

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