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Excel betting
« on: 01 Sep 2014, 13:16 »

i'm not sure where to post this question or set of questions but I will end up needing a trigger writing so might as well start here.

Can someone tell me how quickly market feeder pro refreshes prices in the excel copy ?

( example 200ms ).

If it refreshes the prices at this speed ( 1 market )< does or can the loop that controls excel run any quicker ?

If I have an external sheet that can recalc at 50ms and make decisions to send a bet,  I want marketfeeder pro just to send the bets for me and let me send bets as quickly as possible and at a fast rate.  Would anyone be able to tell me how quickly I can update cells in the sheet and have a bet sent ?  cleared and ready to be set to place another bet ?


thanks for your help in this.

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Re: Excel betting
« Reply #1 on: 01 Sep 2014, 15:56 »
Well the software's best market refresh rate is 300ms.
The link to Excel which is old DDE technology will add some latency.

I just tried one market linked to Excel at 0.3 refresh rate and it looks like I'm getting about 2 refreshes per sec in Excel, maybe just a little quicker, but it is slower than the market refresh in the software.

So I think for 1 market only it will be around 400ms
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