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Re: Formulas
« Reply #15 on: 26 Feb 2016, 09:57 »
Now trying

(((bm_backa*(bm_backp-1))*(1-commission))+ (bm_backa*.34))


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Re: Formulas
« Reply #16 on: 26 Feb 2016, 12:42 »
Now I am really confused to test the conditions
if I use a figure and not a formula it works perfectly (I tried it with 5)
So I know the trigger works.
So I thought try to isolate what is wrong so I just used
bm_backa nothing happened then I tried just bm_backp
again nothing happened.
This seems to be so simple just want to use the potential return from the matched back bet as part of a
loss reduction lay bet. Then add 0.34% of my back stake using the constant I set  my_back for the back stake so that
should be +(my_back*0.34)

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Re: Formulas
« Reply #17 on: 26 Feb 2016, 19:38 »
Think I know the problem so help would be appreciated.
All the terms I have used apply to the selection I think the problem is
I am backing selection 1 and I want to back selection 2 as a loss saver so when I use the
equation it has no value as selection 2 has not yet been backed.
I need the potential market profit... I think.

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Re: Formulas
« Reply #18 on: 26 Feb 2016, 21:32 »
Ok so now I have added an action to create a user variable in my first back trigger using the equation
((bm_backa*(bm_backp-1))*(1-commission))+ (bm_backa*.33) to create the value back_2

Then I am using back_2 as the stake for the second back bet.

The loss cut has only fired once but it seems to have worked


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Re: Formulas
« Reply #19 on: 05 Sep 2016, 19:02 »

I am using a Kelly type formula as follows,


It works pretty well. Has anyone got other Kelly type formulas I can test with.


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Re: Formulas
« Reply #20 on: 14 Mar 2018, 20:23 »
Thank you for the formulae, I'm sure the topic will be popular!

But which of them do you think are not compatible with MF Pro?
Hi, Oxa
What is the formula for calculating a LAY stake in a certain market based on the value of the stake BACK, the backprice and the layprice so that if there is a GREEN of one of them, the profit will be equal?
In short: I would like the formula used on the back-lay calculator sites, but that I can enter the back and lay commissions.
BO = backprice of Market1
BS = Back Amount on Market1
BC = Back Commission
LO = layprice of Market2
LC = Lay Commission
LS = Lay Stake on Market2 = formula?
LL = Lay Liability on Market2= formula?

BO = 2.20
BS = $10.00
BC = 6.5%
LO = 1.60
LC = 6.5%
==> LS = $13.40
==> LL = $8.04

Green on back / Red on lay ... profit = $2.53
Red on back / Green on lay ... profit = $2.53

Thank you very much in advance.


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