• #1 by betx on 09 Jan 2022
  • Hello,

    Can anyone help me to fix my trigger. (see attached)

    I need to stop trigger when WINS are at 1 or 2

    I need to reactivate trigger when LOSSES are 9 or 10 

    Probably be better to have a variable but need help.

    Thank you :)

  • #2 by MarkV on 09 Jan 2022
  • Hi
    I just tested according to your last post and <betting trigger> stops betting after 1 win and is never reactivated as there are no further losses.

    if you deactivate <betting trigger> when WINS are between 1 or 2
    then LOSSES will never increment to reactivate <betting trigger>

    testing trigger screenshot is attached
    I wonder if you could give more detail about the logic of sequence of events.


  • #3 by betx on 09 Jan 2022
  • Thank you for your help!

    1 x trigger is backing without any stoploss 

    1 x trigger backing but I need it to stop after certain amount of WINS and then start up again after certain amount of LOSSES

    See image attached. (sorry about screen I have my f.lux on for my eyes)

  • #4 by MarkV on 10 Jan 2022
  • Hi
    I changed it a little to use conditions to stop/start the second trigger, so it will bet or not bet according to the constants. Please try in test mode.

    You could probably use similar conditions if you wanted to use activate / deactivate instead.

    Hope this helps
  • #5 by betx on 10 Jan 2022
  • Amazing!

    Hoping this works so I can work on other projects without having to manually check this one!

    Appreciate all your help!