Author Topic: How do i call and external script or exe from with a trigger?  (Read 1095 times)

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Hi Guys,

I have spent the past few months training a machine learning algorithm on some racing data. I'm now ready to implement the prediction algorithm.

Unfortunately the algorithm is treated as a black box and can't be translated into mfp trigger expressions.  I therefore need to call an external program or python script to do the work. I need to pass info both ways i.e. prices, rankings, book values etc need to passed to the predict engine and it will return the bet details i.e. back/lay, odds, limits etc.

So how do i call an external python script from within an mfp trigger?
Any other suggestions if it can't be done?

Chat soon,

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Unfortunately not.
The only way I'm afraid is to build your own bot.
Here is a Python API using example that may help.
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Thanks for the prompt reply....

I was seriously hoping to avoid having to write a betfair bot....

Thanks for the link.

Best regards


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