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How to calculate correct amount to lay
« on: 05 Sep 2022, 09:46 »

I've taken the trigger provided in this topic and with my extremely limited experience modified it to try and get it to work as I want :

It is working fine as a standalone trigger (I'm only using the lay trigger) - however I'd like to duplicate it a number of times within my same version of MFP which is running, so I can then go on and set different stakes in order to run / test different systems. My issue is that if I do this then if the trigger rebets an amount at a different price then the amount calculation "bet_size - lay_matched" will no longer compute the correct amount as lay_matched will now return the amount from all the triggers. When only one trigger runs it works fine as I am putting no other bets into the particular market in question. 

Is there any way to compute this amount correctly so I can duplicate the trigger and have these duplicates all running together in one version of MFP?

Trigger which I have modified is attached. 


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Re: How to calculate correct amount to lay
« Reply #1 on: 05 Sep 2022, 19:00 »
The trigger you are using does not involve information written to the statement i.e. settled bets. So you should be able to run multiple instances of MFP with different Profiles with this trigger.

Have a look in the helpfile at "Login Window", and also Settings > Betting Options > Ignore all bets except those placed in the current MFP profile. 

If they must run in the same instance then it gets more complex as the values for each would need to be written to user variables. There is an article and example trigger demonstrating this here.
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