Author Topic: How to trigger 5 mins before the off  (Read 1435 times)

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How to trigger 5 mins before the off
« on: 26 Jan 2023, 19:02 »

I'm trying to make a trigger to start at 5 mins before the off so I set condition to market minutes before the off is equal to 5 but it doesn't seem to work. The only thing that is working for me is if I set market status to inplay then it triggers when the event starts. Also I want it to trigger if the SP is between 1.21 and 1.5 but this also isn't working correctly. Any help would be appreciated 🙂. This trigger is for tennis BTW and most markets actually start later then the event time so either 5 mins before inplay or 5 mins before planned start time would be fine.

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Re: How to trigger 5 mins before the off
« Reply #1 on: 26 Jan 2023, 23:21 »

Set the time to be less than or equal to 5 min.
The time as calculated within MFP doesn't exactly equal 5 mins.  It will be within a few fractions of a second, but never exactly equal to it,




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