Author Topic: Imported selection betting - configure interval fraction bets  (Read 397 times)

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I am in the process of deciding when is the best time to bet. Yes the old chestnut !
My initial question is, can a trigger be modified to bet a fraction of bet amount that is imported via the 'Imported selections
for auto-trading' button ?  as an example I import Pinatabu 5 and want to bet in say 20% increments ie:  5 bets @ 1 unit.
I find this would be a useful safety feature in that it will only bet the selection and bet amount already imported.
Look froward to any assistance then will move to next phase of, 'when to bet'
Many thanks
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amount: imported_1*0.2
extra condition: and selections trigger expression back_matched+back_unmatched is less than imported_1
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