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Limiting open bets
« on: 21 Mar 2016, 12:36 »
In the attached trigger can anybody tell me why the counter with
user variable nu_b and the condition selections trigger expression
nu_b is equal or less than 5 is not working?
I am trying to add one to the variable nu_b for every bet placed and then
when a position is 'greened up' take one away from nu_b.
Thus ensuring that the number of bets with open positions is limited to the
number set in the condition.

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Re: Limiting open bets
« Reply #1 on: 21 Mar 2016, 15:16 »
The program has bet count variables, matched, ummatched, back, lay etc.

why not use in the betting trigger:
and selections trigger expression allbets_bm_num-allbets_lm_num is equal or less than 5

in answer your original question I thought you wanted no more than 5 bets per market, but I can see from your trigger it is only one back and one lay.
If you still want to use a counter, I think you need to set it to zero one time only and then update it globally, but the above is much more efficient.
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