Author Topic: matching_number for minimum number of runners after filtering large lay prices  (Read 669 times)

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Trying to write a laying trigger part of which (in this order) does the following:
  • Excludes Lay Prices > 15
  • Only continues to evaluate if after applying (1) there are at least 6 valid runners remaining

At the moment, to do this I have:
  • Selection's Lay Price is between 1.01 and 15
  • Selection's Trigger Expression matching_number is equal or greater than 6 (v unsure if this is correct)

Ideally for 2. I'd like to put just "matching_number is equal or greater than 6", but teh dialog for triggers doesn't allow this.

Any guidance much appreciated. Thx

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What you have is correct. matching_number variable is not in "longhand" trigger conditions so you have to use a trigger expression.

selections lay price is between 1.01 and 15
and selections trigger expression matching_number is equal or greater than 6

will do do exactly what you want

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Thank you for your reply. 

Actually what I wanted to do is enter a profit amount for initial bet. For example when I select £2 as a Lay amount I want £2 to be my profit not liability. The liability will depend on the Lay price of the favourite at that time.

So lay amount= £2 if Odds=3 then my liability will be £4, if Odds=4 liability will be £6. My aim is to get £2 profit if the outcome comes true regardless of my liability, if I lose then the loss recovery will be £2+ my previous loss which was my liability.

Could you make it for me, I am unable to do it.




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