• #1 by teulan on 29 Jul 2014
  • hi

    once again help me with this trigger

    make duching lay 1 favorite place, take the bet from 2 minutes before start the race, Until When to find a book value of over 30%, with an amount of € 6

    first bet
    dutching lay 1 favorite place of amount of € 6

    second bet
    if lost then the next bet will be dutching lay 1 favorite place of amount of € 12

    third bet and following ...
    if lost then the next bet will be dutching lay 1 favorite place of amount of € 6

    Until When back and win the series return to start

    thank you very much

    Michael Segura
  • #2 by mcbee on 29 Jul 2014
  • hi
    could you give complete examples of bets, as you only say to dutch 1 favourite.

  • #3 by teulan on 30 Jul 2014
  • Hi Mcbee

    This is the example image dutching lay, made in FairBot, with the book value, according the above instructions.

    thank you
  • #4 by teulan on 30 Jul 2014
  • this is the picture

  • #5 by mcbee on 30 Jul 2014
  • hi
    sorry, but i must be missing something.
    all i see is a lay the favourite if the price is 3.30 or less.
    if the bet is a loss do the same for the next race but double the stake.
    if that bet is a loss bet at normal stake until a win, then start the sequence again.
    there is no dutching, just lay bet on one selection and you have 5 chances of winning.

  • #6 by teulan on 30 Jul 2014
  • hi

    I say dutching because in FairBot, can be done  with one player, as in the image.

    according to the example in FairBot, I make a bet amount of € 6, to 1 favorite place to lay, 2 minutes before the race, to find  the best book value of over 30%,
    if I lose doubled to 12 €,
    if I lose I will return to 6 € and even when win again.

    I want to take is the value of book value, to increase more than 30% check image, the benefits are more than € 2.6 per game won.

    thank you
  • #7 by mcbee on 30 Jul 2014
  • hi
    i am working on the trigger now.
    BUT, it looks like the screen shot does not show the profit minus betfairs commission, the true profit is about 2.48

  • #8 by mcbee on 30 Jul 2014
  • hi
    here is your trigger
    in the constants you can set
    bet amount to lose (liability)
    minimum book% per selection to take 
    minutes before the start time to place the bets
    minimum lay price to take
    number of bets per race  1 or any
    minimum number of selections

    i have included the minimum lay price because most favourites below say 1.5 win.
    i also included a minimum number of selections as if there are only 5, then the odds are stacked against you,you only have 4 chances of winning not 5 chances.

    please use test mode until you are happy with your settings


    download the trigger below
  • #9 by teulan on 31 Jul 2014
  • This trigger does not work does nothing events happen and nothing

    why  in FairBot works and  here not ?
  • #10 by mcbee on 31 Jul 2014
  • hi
    i have just tried it again.
    worked as it should.
  • #11 by mcbee on 31 Jul 2014
  • hi
    have you load the greyhound win markets in mfp.
    have you got enough test funds.
    have you set mfp to monitor 2 minutes before the start time.
    are both lamps green, 1 for the triggers and 1 for the meeting.

  • #12 by teulan on 01 Aug 2014

  • Hi 
    sorry, but yesterday morning, nothing happened, then I started working.

    the triggers that you have done, working, the problem I have is not how to avoid a series of missed to the point of beginning to created  series like lost yesterday 8 serial, how to avoid this, is that selection should do in races, to avoid this.

    thank you very much for your help

  • #13 by mcbee on 01 Aug 2014
  • hi
    this is the problem with greyhounds, one day you will have 2 or 3 losing lay bets in a row, then the next day could be 11 losing lay bets in a row.
    you could add a condition to limit the losing bets in a row to 3 or however many you are happy with, so the trigger will only place bets if the losing bets are 3 or less, add the following condition.
    and selections trigger expression gh_losses is less than 3