Author Topic: Only trade if back is unmatched  (Read 263 times)

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Only trade if back is unmatched
« on: 16 May 2022, 13:12 »
In my tennis strategy, I make a lay at current odds, and I place an unmatched back at higher odds.

I also have a trigger that makes a back bet at lower odds if certain things happen in the match.

What I would like to happen is the 3rd trade (the back at lower odds) is only executed if the 2nd trade (back at higher odds) is unmatched.

If the 2nd trade is matched, I do not want to execute the 3rd trade.  How would you do this?

I was thinking something like:

But this does not work.

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Re: Only trade if back is unmatched
« Reply #1 on: 17 May 2022, 16:00 »
Don't worry.  I accidentally put Lay Matched, instead of Back Matched :-X


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