Author Topic: Please help. Trying to place bets on two non-identical selections  (Read 673 times)

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Hi, I have created trigger which places two back bets consecutively but with the same conditions. I want the bets to be on two different selections so I have used selection's number of matched back bets is equal to zero on both blocks. When I tested this trigger out using the test mode it worked flawlessly by placing two separate back bets on two different selections. However, I used it on real mode today and it placed two times the same back bet on the same selection, so instead of losing on one of the bets I lost double because it placed the same bet twice!
The same thing has happened before with another trigger. It was meant to place the same bet on several different selections. It worked perfectly in test mode but in real mode it placed the same bet several times on the same selection!
Please help. I can't find what the problem is.

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There is always some latency with registering a transaction with Betfair. In test mode mode settings it would be good to set a delay so that test mode bets are not matched instantly.

It is difficult to say exactly without seeing your trigger, but here are some things you can try:
  • Introduce a delay so your trigger gives time for the first bet to be registered at Betfair. Item 5 in this article explains how to do it
  • In your trigger check execute is: once per selection. Condition: trigger <name of backing trigger> number of runs per selection is equal to 0
  • Add a second action to your backing trigger: remember name: first_market_id, then add another condition: selections trigger expression sel_id is not equal to first_market_id_sel_id          
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Thanks Mark. I incorporated the last two suggestions and it seems to be working with the real bets today. I used minimal stakes just in case!


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