Author Topic: Problems with allbets_bm_amount  (Read 1859 times)

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Problems with allbets_bm_amount
« on: 20 Jan 2018, 15:50 »

I am trying to remove liability in the goal markets as I drip feed stake into them but I'm having a few issues using the expression allbets_bm_amount

Basically, sometimes it takes out the stake I have in the market sometimes it takes out more. Just this minute I had £4 matched in an overs market and once a goal went in the trigger layed £6 so effectively greened up when I actually want it to remove the £4 liability and go for the free bet win. I've tested this in time machine and it did the same on occasion but I've seen it in real time now and I don't know why it's doing it. 

There may have been an unmatched back bet waiting at the time the goal went in - could this be the potential problem?

Any ideas?

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Re: Problems with allbets_bm_amount
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jan 2018, 20:14 »

The allbets_bm_amount sums up all your bets in all markets. So if you want to remove the liability in one market only, this variable will not help. You will have to check the liability in a specific market then, or rather for a specific selection (back_macthed).

So you would need to check the back matched amount for each selection and then lay the amount identical to the matched bet each time there is an addition to the back_matched of that selection.

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