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Remember selections
« on: 11 Oct 2016, 18:58 »
Hi guys,wondering if anyone can help me..
I'm currently making a trigger and need a way of it remembering my first back selection in play then laying the same selection at a certain price.
Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Remember selections
« Reply #1 on: 12 Oct 2016, 06:23 »
not sure from your description if there are more than one selections being backed.

generally in the laying trigger use these conditions:

selections back matched is greater than 0
and selections back price is less than x

this will lay on selections which have matched back bets
and whose current back price is below x

there are plenty example triggers on the website for greening-up etc. might be useful...
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Re: Remember selections
« Reply #2 on: 12 Oct 2016, 13:03 »
Also, if you back on selections with one trigger (let's say it is called "backing trigger"), then you can easily identify the selections that were included in that trigger by checking the following condition in any other trigger:

Trigger backing trigger Number of runs per selection is greater than 0

This will filter out the runners and leave only those that the trigger backed on.
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Re: Remember selections
« Reply #3 on: 12 Oct 2016, 22:10 »
That's superb put me on the right track..thanks guys ; )


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