Author Topic: Remembering Prices with Repeating Triggers  (Read 166 times)

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Remembering Prices with Repeating Triggers
« on: 10 Nov 2022, 22:11 »
Hello, I'm looking for assistance with the following scenario if anyone can please help?

I have a block set up with a standard lay then green up. I have a second block set up where if the first block completes on a selection, it then lays the selection again and is set to repeat multiple times (within conditions i have set). I created the first block because i want to remember the lay price of the first time a selection is bet on (i have remember trigger set up) and then for that remembered price to be used as a limit within the second block, without the close block resulting in the price being overwritten.

So for example, in my first block, a horse is laid at 3, greens up at 3.1. the price of 3 is remembered and then the second block begins to work going from lay 3.1, green up 3.2 .... lay 3.3, greenup 3.4... etc etc. however, i want a condition set where the lay trigger in the second block doesnt fire if the current  lay price exceeds 8 ticks of the initial lay price (ie wont lay at 3.4).

Ive tried remember "rem_ticks_market_id" when initial lay trigger number of runs greater than 0.

then set condition within second block 
selections lay_price is between rem_ticks_market_id_sel_id_bm_layp and r_ticks( rem_ticks_market_id_sel_id_bm_layp, 8)

This isnt working for me so if any suggestions can be made that would be appreciated.

hopefully makes sense



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Re: Remembering Prices with Repeating Triggers
« Reply #1 on: 11 Nov 2022, 06:28 »
I don't think you need the remember trigger as the program already remembers bets on a selection and indexes the bets.

For the 2nd block try:
selections lay matched is greater than 0
and selections lay price is between bm_layp and r_ticks(bm_layp,8) 

to refer to an index of a bet:
bm_1_layp = last matched lay bet price. This is the same as bm_layp
bm_2_layp = second last matched lay bet price
bu_3_laya = third last unmatched lay bet amount

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