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Trigger Request
« on: 15 Apr 2015, 23:16 »
Hi, would the following be possible:-

Place back bet at SP on a certain horse in win market.

When the price drops and reaches half the SP price start to monitor, do not green if the price continues to fall, however>

If the price starts to turn and go against you green up on or around half the SP price for double your stake.

The hope is that if you pick a horse that runs well in play and halves its price and the horse continues to progress in the race - let it carry on in-case it runs through and wins easily. If not and the price turns against you green up for double your stake at roughly half the price. The trigger is to automatically alter the amount according to price available. So I guess this is like a trailing stop-loss but only activated after it has reached 50% of its Sp price.

Variable to control the % of SP price to start activating the trailing stop-loss.
 e.g SP 5 %50 = 2.5


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Re: Trigger Request
« Reply #1 on: 18 Apr 2015, 19:10 »
Hello! Your triggers are ready please see the attached file.

I had to add another milestone (so to say) to your strategy. Since you are assuming that it first reaches half SP, then keeps falling down, then turns around and start growing again, you need to specify how low it must fall before you want to start looking for the upward movement. Otherwise technically it can green up as soon as it falls to SP/2 - 1 ticks and then grows one tick back, if you see what I mean. So use the trigger_perc inside the file to set that limit.

There is a placeholder trigger for backing the favourite at SP. You didn't specify which horse you will be backing. If you are doing it manually, then just remove this trigger, otherwise choose the selection you want to back on.

Make sure you have tested the triggers in test mode.
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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