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Unmatched bets expression
« on: 27 Jan 2014, 04:07 »

I have a doubt in relation to the unmatched bets.

When i´ve more than 1 lay or back unmatched bets in the market and i use for example the expression bu_backp or bu_backavp am i referring to the last or average of the bets that were placed (and were unmatched at any moment) or am i referring to the bets that at this particular moment are still unmatched at the market?

As an example to clarify lets suppose i place 2 back bets each one of 2 euros, the 1st at 3.90 and the 2nd at 3.80. Meanwhile the last one was matched remaining unmatched just the one at 3.90.

What would be the result of the expressions bu_backp and bu_backavp when used after the 3.80 bet have been matched?

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Re: Unmatched bets expression
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jan 2014, 08:05 »
I just tried it and it looks alright. Please see screenshots.

If you can post a screenshot where you think there is a problem it would be helpful.


edit: I think you must be referring to the tick increment. In the examples I posted, bu_backavp shows 2.51. There is no 2.51 as a price, is this your problem?
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Re: Unmatched bets expression
« Reply #2 on: 27 Jan 2014, 13:31 »

I understood the example you gave. Naturally an average can have values between the normal values acepted by betfair. But my problem isn´t that, i will try to explain.

I am develloping a trigger that admits more than one back and lay bets at the same time. To not let the trigger placing all the bets at similar prices i created similar conditions for both lay and back bets to place bets just when the odds move. As i don´t know how to directly refer to the lowest unmatched back bet and highest unmatched lay bet i used  both bu_backp and backavp and similar lay expressions.

I created a condition that says the bet should be placed only if the diference between back price and both bu_backp and backavp is greater than 15 ticks. The problem is that bets are placed before the prices achive that diference in relation to the bets efectively opened at that time in the market (unmatched at that time).

So this is why i am asking what is the correct meaning of the bu_backp and bu_backavp. Do they refer to bets still unmatched at the present moment? Or they take in account all the bets that were placed in that market? Naturally i want it to refer just to the bets that are openned in the market at that exact time.

By the way i didn´t create an user variable. I am using the bu_backp and bu_backavp as trigger expressions directly in the trigger conditions. Should i create user variables in this case?

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