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Using MFPro at work
« on: 28 Jul 2012, 00:31 »
I would like to use the software at work. Is it likely that IT at work can monitor that I am using MFpro? Does it show that you are logging on to Betfair? Just wanting to know before I get into a lot of trouble betting at work.

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Re: Using MFPro at work
« Reply #1 on: 28 Jul 2012, 06:15 »
Internet traffic to Betfair will be visible and they may block it. A better idea might be remote login to your home PC, or to use a VPS. Any high volume “non-work” internet traffic will be detected, so use remote access sparingly just to check on MFP from time to time. You could also use the SMS and email facilities in MFP to update you on its activities.
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Re: Using MFPro at work
« Reply #2 on: 28 Jul 2012, 07:56 »
If you have a smartphone it is possible use an application such as to Teamviewer to control your own home computer remotely. MFP seems ideally suited for this type of use as relatively few key strokes are required in its operation when compared to other types of software. Your employers network would not be used in any way.

Be careful to use the correct power plan on your computer as you will need to keep it awake and its screen to be visible when you are away from it.

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Re: Using MFPro at work
« Reply #3 on: 28 Jul 2012, 08:47 »
If the IT setup is any good, it would already block access to Betfair and other betting sites.  This is basic stuff that even IT in schools manages to achieve.


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