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We sometimes use triggers to check some properties of “other” selections.

Others in this context are all selections except the one the trigger is checking in the current condition.

You can read all about subtleties of different selections used in trigger conditions in my article:

Let’s look at two examples:

1. I want to find a selection with a decent matched volume percentage (> 35%), provided it does not have money competitors amongst other selections (let the other selections’ volume be up to 7%).

To get this selection, I could add such condition:

Selection’s Volume % is greater than 35

But what if there are two such selections? Maybe I should add another one to only pick the one with the highest volume:

Selection’s Volume % is the maximum

Still, a couple of other selections can have, let’s say, 12% and 15%, and we wouldn’t know if they were there by looking at the selection with the maximum volume.

To rule this possibility out completely, we must check that all other selections, except the highest-volume one, have volume % as low as 7% or less:

Selection’s Volume % is greater than 35
and All Other Selections’ Volume % is less than 7

That will do the trick!


2. Now I want to back on the favourite if at least one other horse’s price has increased by 5 ticks over the last minute.

Unlike the previous case, here I don’t need all other horses’ prices to grow, even one will be enough (although there may be more):

Any Other Selection’s Back Ticks Dif over 1 min is equal or greater than 5

This condition is in fact different from:

At Least One Selection’s Back Ticks Dif over 1 min is equal or greater than 5

“At least one” covers the entire field, including the favourite. If the favourite’s price has increased, it is a match, and what I need is for the trigger to check the rest of the selections.

By the way, don’t forget to append the prefix “other_” in front of a selection variable if you are using it in “All Other Selections’” or “Any Other Selection’s” condition, for example:

Any Other Selection’s Trigger Expression other_tennis_player_games_won is greater than 3

If you fail to do this, the variable will be evaluated for the current matching selection instead (the one that matched the previous condition).
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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