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Ever heard of a cash-out (green-up) that spans across two markets?

Sometimes you might want to back and lay on selections from different markets of the same sports event that represent identical or logically close outcomes. We are only focusing on football markets in this trigger example, so here are football outcomes that fit the description:

  • 0 - 0 from Correct Score vs Under 0.5 goals from Over/Under 0.5 goals (identical)
  • 0 - 0 from Half Time Score vs Under 0.5 goals from First half goals 0.5 (identical)
  • Draw/Draw from Half Time / Full Time vs The Draw from Match Odds (close but not identical)
  • No from Both Teams to Score? vs Under 1.5 from Over/Under 1.5 goals (close but not identical)

We decided to give you this set of easily customisable triggers so that you can back and lay on any pair of selections you choose from two different football markets of the same event.

Football cross-market Green-Up: back in one market and lay in the other

The important feature of these triggers is that they factor in market commission. Unlike same-market green-up, with cross-market green-up you must account for the commission that will be deducted from your profits, thus the formulas for calculating bet prices and amounts will be slightly different. I'll explain the nuances in the How it works section, and if you want to have a handy calculator for doing it all manually, here you go:

Download an Excel Cross-Market Green-up Calculator
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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