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How to place delayed bets in MarketFeeder Pro
« on: 03 May 2022, 12:33 »
You often ask whether MarketFeeder supports delayed bets or pending orders.

What is it all about? You leave an order for a bet that should be placed only when the price of your selection has “deteriorated” beyond the specified threshold.

For example, right now the price is 5.0, and you want to place a delayed BACK bet at 4.0, or a delayed LAY bet at 8.0.

But here’s a catch: the online exchange. i.e. BetFair, does NOT have native support for delayed bets. It will always seek to match your bet at the best possible price. Therefore, your back bet at 4.0 it will immediately match at 5.0 without waiting or asking you about your intentions.
Luckily, with MarketFeeder Pro, you can place a delayed bet using a simple trigger.

This video demonstrates how to place delayed back and lay bets on BetFair.

You will see the trigger setup and how the triggers kick in at the right moments.

Download the trigger file to play with it on your own:

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