Author Topic: Triggers in Action — a new high-scale, transparent strategy-testing project  (Read 26509 times)

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After 1200 bets and a few minor tweaks this method is showing a 21% hit rate and 20% pot. 
Not too shabby.

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Hello OXA... I´ve been trying the trigger dutch_lay_favs and it´s working (some faultys - I open a post to related those)....

Now, is it possible to add a stoploss based in the % of liability? If we have a 100£ of liability, when 50£ of losses is reached then distribute those losses for all horses.

Another thing that I would like to try is to close the dutch at the start of the race and distribute the losses for all horses. I mean, don´t let the ducth go in-play and close all the bets.

Thank you for your attention.....


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