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A trigger "Special Tour de France 2014" will be available on July 4th for only £30!

Don't wait any longer to register you on the waiting list and to be in the top users of this trigger, ONLY 50 subscriptions will be available! Don't miss out, visit us at

If you are novice in the world of automated betting do not miss this event to get you started!

Notice that BettingDev Team will assist you with Teamviewer if necessary for the first installation of this trigger.

More details soon.

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Re: NEW****"Le Tour de France 2014" Trigger Special Event
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Our trigger "LE TOUR DE FRANCE 2014" is available NOW for only £30!   Don't miss out, ORDER NOW this trigger "Special Event"!

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It was party time in Leeds for a wonderful opening ceremony two days ahead of stage 1!
Hey guys, the following is important: in a few days the big party begins, and we invite you to participate!
Yes, soon it is the beginning of the Tour de France 2014, Running from Saturday July 5th to Sunday July 27th 2014, the 101th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,664 kilometres!
This year, the Grand Start takes place at Yorkshire in England.
We will follow the event very closely, and we hope you will do the same!
To participate even more in the party, and to put you totally in the mood of the Tour de France, what about winning money in addition? Anyone?
Yes, it is possible, and our trigger makes it possible: no less than 21 stages during the Tour de France... and 21 stages mean 21 chances to win!
The system scans every “Winner” markets of each stage during the Tour de France to find any value bets.
In addition to the strategy itself, a very powerful staking plan has been applied.
Precisely, we asked a University Graduate who is a qualified mathematician and statistician for making our system a WINNING one.
Based on the FAMOUS STAKING PLAN used in our “Horse Racing Profit Maker” trigger, this wonderful automatic system will work without attention during the entire TOUR DE FRANCE… a formula that will automatically keep your betting on sound lines.

More info...go to


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