Author Topic: The most profitable trigger so far  (Read 961 times)

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The most profitable trigger so far
« on: Thu, 14 March, 2019, 17:04 »
Hi guys.
Finally I came up with something really good.
A trigger to be used  in The Card Derby Racing game, which makes over  30% of the total bank  profit per 24 hours and have a maximum of just 16% of the recommended bank liability. You will be amazed of how simple, but effective this system is.  I would suggest you start with a min. of 250 EUR bank and could expect somewhere around 100EUR profit per 24 hours.
The price is 195 EUR, which should be transferred to the Moneybookers address  [email protected]
I am so confident into this system that I am presenting this to you with a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee if you fail to make the suggested profit.
If you have any questions please contact me on an e-mail address [email protected]

Thank you
Best regards


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Re: The most profitable trigger so far
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 15 March, 2019, 05:09 »
Pull the other one mate....   You will never sell a trigger for x-feeder without a free trial and I'm afraid the trigger can't be protected so no free trial.