Author Topic: Feedback on "lay-horses-form" market tree funnies and exception errors  (Read 57 times)

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I've been running this curious strategy in test mode.  Curious because some of the selection criteria are slightly counter-intuitive e.g. 2nd Fav & 3rd Fav not to have a first place in their recent form.  When laying a favourite you'd intuitively think that was a good thing for a contender to have!  Interesting results so far though.

However, the "my markets" tab gets in a right old mess.
Markets displayed using Red text, some say market being deleted but stay there forever (until program rebooted).
Markets not displayed in time order across the 3 countries (attachment).
Loads of Aussie markets left in the monitored state (bold green text) even though they finished hours ago.  If I manually select and stop these "monitored forever" markets, I quite often end up with a program exception violation (attachment).

When I then try to restart that profile, I get the "profile is in use" error message when the instance of the program using that profile crashed.  So that means I now have to reboot all instances running which isn't always feasible if staking plans are in use and they are in the middle of a recovery cycle!

Is there a way of "killing a profile" in memory so all instances don't have to be rebooted?

Just typing that has given me an idea.  Copy the profile to a new profile name and start an instance using that new profile?



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Is there a way of "killing a profile" in memory so all instances don't have to be rebooted?
if you wait a few minutes the profile will start again.
looking at the other problems .

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