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Greenup - %
« on: 18 Aug 2021, 01:06 »

I´m struggling to create a greenup that suits my goals.... In the greenup options we have "Based on ticks" and "Based on %", right?

"Based on ticks", I understand. But "Based on %" I have a doubt. Imagine that a put a back bet of 10£ at @10.00 and set the % at 50%. The 50% is based on the stake (10£), right? It would greenup to win 5£, right?

And if I want 50% based on the profit, in this case 10£*(@10.00-1)=190£. So 190£*50%=95£.

What formula do I need achieve this 95£ of profit?

Now, another even more harder (to me, of course). If I put several backs (or lays) at several odds and want different % of them?

Let see:

- Back at @5.00  and I want 75% of the profit
- Back at @10.00 and I want 50% of the profit
- Back at @20.00 and I want 20% of the profit
- Back at @30.00 and I want 10% of the profit

How can this be done, if it´s possible?

Thank you for your help.....

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