Author Topic: market locator "contains values in file"  (Read 219 times)

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market locator "contains values in file"
« on: 11 Aug 2021, 18:51 »
Evening guys,

does anyone happen to know how to specify market in the market locator using file?

I have several soccer over/under markets in "countries and sports types" like 
soccer / over/under0.5
soccer / over/under1.5
soccer / over/under2.5
soccer / over/under3.5

using condition Market's Name contains values in file:
example: "dynamo kiev v fc minaj"

however I would like to filter the result also on a particular market, just like in the import file:
["dynamo kiev v fc minaj/Over/Under 0.5 Goals"]"Over 0.5 Goals"

Currently suffering from something which is probably a bug (2nd day no reply from support). Despite having Over 0.5 Goals in my import after the team names, MF for a short period enables also other markets and trigger goes over them even though IMO it should not. 

Thx for your suggestions.


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Re: market locator "contains values in file"
« Reply #1 on: 12 Aug 2021, 07:03 » answer my own question, this may help someone else.

although I did not find a way to limit the market locator to only one market based on "Market's name contains value in file", I have achieved making sure  (hopefully), that the undesired markets are not caught by trigger even if they get activated (despite they should not, due to import file filter).

by adding an imported value within the import file (mind that separator must be tab):
["dynamo kiev v fc minaj/Over/Under 0.5 Goals"]"Over 0.5 Goals" "Over0.5Goals"

imported value can be then used within a trigger condition and be compared against selection name, note that the imported value must be in the exact format as sel_name:
selection's trigger expression imported_1 is equal to sel_name

I am going to monitor this approach further and will post here if I find any more issues.