• #1 by Nelson59 on 31 Jan 2021
  • Hello,

    I am unable to get all WTA tennis single matches with market locator. I see them in Betfair but they are missing from MFP.
    Alize Cornet v Ajla Tomljanovic
    Anna Kalinskaya v Katie Boulter
    Destanee Aiava v Chloe Paquet
    Cori Gauff v Jil Belen Teichmann
    Varvara Lepchenko v Mayo Hibi
    Zarina Diyas v Laura Siegemund

    Now on Betfair are listed 23 single matches. Only 17 markets can be retrived from MFP.
  • #2 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 08 Feb 2021
  • Hi!

    I realise it's too late now to ask for a Market Locator search template that you used.

    I've run a test search in Challenger Cherbourg, and all markets seem to come up in the search. The things to look at:

    1. Country. If you specified a range of countries, then some of the matches may not be included if their country is unspecified (this happens to Friendlies in football, but also may happen to markets in other sports).

    2. Search for up to X days. If you have this at 1.0 (by default) and a tennis match is going to start, say, in 36 hours, it won't be included in the search.

    Let me know if the problem persists for you.
  • #3 by Nelson59 on 21 Feb 2021
  • It doesn't matter the template. Right now I can not find and match form ATP (Cordoba, Montpellier or Singapore) and Betfair posted them.
  • #4 by pcal72 on 21 Feb 2021
  • Here i have no problem to find.

  • #5 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 23 Feb 2021
  • Maybe check your Program Log for any error messages?