Author Topic: Monitor overs but back in match odds  (Read 15970 times)

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Monitor overs but back in match odds
« on: 06 Feb 2024, 15:33 »
Hello, I'm sure there's an example trigger for this but I can't find it.
I'm backing in the match odds - home, based on index 1 but I want to delete / deactivate the match odds market if the overs for the same match is not above a specified price. On a Saturday afternoon I am wanting to do this for multiple matches at once (all kicking off at the same time)
Is this something that is easy to do?

Many thanks

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Re: Monitor overs but back in match odds
« Reply #1 on: 06 Feb 2024, 18:01 »
Yes should be straightforward.

If deleting all markets of same football match:

Markets betting code is Over/Under (Soccer) x.5
and selections index is equal to 2
and selections back price is less than x

If deleting Match Odds and retaining other markets:

Markets betting code is Match Odds (Soccer & Tennis) or Moneyline (Basketball)
and selections trigger expression football8_s_2_back_price is less than x   <------- football8_ is cross-market prefix for OU2.5. use which prefix you need

and another idea for deleting markets Point 3 here

please test in test mode
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