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I have a system in place which looks for goals scored being 0-0 after minute 52 of the match, thanks to MarkV and Oxa for helping me on this.

I now need to ask if it is possible to start monitoring a match just before this time event takes place, rather than right from the start?

I also want to ask if it is possible to close a market if, when it checks the condition of 0-0, it sees at least 1 goal has been scored, which of course causes me not to be able to bet on that match?



I know MFP does use quite some resources from its activity, and as there can be a lot of football matches on at the same time, I would rather preserve the resources only for the time.

Perhaps my statement of "uses quite some resources" is without knowledge, but I know that if I have anything at all complicated, and/or I have a lot of markets loaded, MFP does struggle, and sometimes, if I open a settings windows, or try to change a value in a trigger, it can sometimes just stop responding, and I have to end the process through task manager.

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In the monitoring settings you can put a minus figure, e.g.:
start monitoring events at -42.00 mins before the event

and your first trigger:
delete market
selections trigger expression match_minute is between 50.50 and 51.95
selections trigger expression market_score1+market_score2 is greater than 0

if you have too many markets starting at once you can stagger the refresh rate or delete trigger execution time in a trigger, here is an interesting example:
you would need to adapt it to in-play etc.
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