• #1 by Mfb1311 on 18 Jul 2021
  • Hi I've had a trigger made for me and its not firing on my selected horses in play?
    When I look at the trigger log I get this:

    Checking market "Horse Racing / IRE / Curragh 18th Jul / 14:45 1m Mdn".
    15:45:45Checking condition and Selection's Actual Starting Price is between min_sp_price and max_sp_price.
    15:45:45Selection: Beagnach Sasta, initial expr.: min_sp_price, intermediate: 1.1, final: 1.1.
    15:45:45Selection: Beagnach Sasta, initial expr.: max_sp_price, intermediate: 6.0, final: 6.0.
    15:45:45Condition is: FALSE.
    What can I do to adjust it to get the trigger to work?
  • #2 by MarkV on 18 Jul 2021
  • Hi
    The BSP of the selection named in the log was outside the range of the trigger condition.
    You should be able to edit the values of min_sp_price and max_sp_price in the Constants at the top of the trigger file.

    If that still does not work, check in your settings: Load SP prices should be ticked  
  • #3 by Mfb1311 on 19 Jul 2021
  • Thanks, found it, working now!