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Re: Problems
« Reply #30 on: Mon, 04 January, 2021, 22:33 »
It was your post below that started me checking if their was a memory problem.

Hello! From what I can see on the screenshot, you seem to have problems with the Internet connection or some other process or program is consuming all the traffic/memory and nothing is left for MF Pro. Do you run multiple instances of MF Pro, each with lots of simultaneously refreshed markets?

My internet connection to that machine was fine, so I started looking into what else could be causing the problem.  Deleting the temp folders contents did reduce the number of times that the error occurred each day for me, but didnt fully eliminate it, so maybe it was just a coincidence.

What worked for me was to reduce the refresh rate on a couple of profiles that monitor a lot of markets at the same time.  They have worked at the previous refresh rate for years with no problem, so maybe Betfair have started to throttle the amount of requests that they will allow, just like in the old dreaded data request charges years!

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Re: Problems
« Reply #31 on: Sat, 09 January, 2021, 15:08 »
I have used the latest version again today and no problems, but i have cut profiles to 2 and a lower refresh rate