Author Topic: Reference a specific place market from win market (horses)  (Read 1098 times)

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Is there a way to check/refer to non-standard place markets for horse racing from the win market?

For example, if the standard place market has 3 places, then winplace_places would return 3, and winplace_variable would return whatever value from the 3TBP market - which is fine, but then what can be used to refer to variables in the 2TBP and 4TBP markets?

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If you have both 2TBP and 3TBP markets loaded at the same time, then I'm afraid there is no easy workaround, as to BetFair, these are markets with an identical betting code. You can do the "remember" trigger in each market based on the 2TBP or 3TBP patterns in there name, and then use the remembered name as a prefix to access the corresponding variables.

If you only have Win and 2TBP, for example, then you can access the 2TBP market (ditto 3TBP and 4TBP) through winplace_.
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Thanks Oxa. I'm currently limiting to markets with Number of Places = 2 so that winplace_ points to the market I want, which is working well. Hopefully I'll just need to get more familiar with the remember function so I can get into more than one place market at a time.


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