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refresh rate
« on: 26 Mar 2020, 03:38 »

I am making a trigger that uses different refresh rates according to some rules. I have a different trigger to set up each refresh rate. 

I would like the trigger that set up the current refresh rate not to be executed. If not possible, i would like to place a condition in the beginning to stop other conditions from being checked.

Explaining better:

Let´s suppose my current refresh rate is "0.5" and it´s set up by the trigger "adjust refresh rate 0.5".
I would like to avoid this trigger to be checked, as it´s redundant (refresh rate would change from 0.5 to 0.5). Should it not be possible, i would like to place a condition to have a result similar to: "if the current refresh rate is 0.5, the remaining conditions will not be checked".

Is this possible?


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Re: refresh rate
« Reply #1 on: 26 Mar 2020, 13:09 »

Yes, there are idle_rate and inplay_rate trigger variables that you can check against the value it need to be set.
It doesn't prevent checking the conditions but prevents execution. You can switch off logging for that trigger to save disk i/o etc.
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