• #1 by Gary on 30 Aug 2022
  • Hi

    I've got a variable being remembered `sel_ind` in the morning against selections on a win market, and I am attempting to reference that from the place market

    Ive seen something in the logs which I cant quite understand

    the logs from the win market are below, that the _sel_index < 3 is valid for 2 selections, Blissful Song and Melly's Flyer

    15:56:37Checking market "Horse Racing / GB / Epsom 30th Aug / 15:50 Epsom 30th Aug - 6f Hcap".
    15:56:37Checking condition and Selection's Trigger Expression sel_ind_sel_index is less than 3.
    15:56:37Condition is: TRUE. valid for 2 selections: Blissful Song, Mellys Flyer.
    however on the place market, the winplace_ of the variable it matches against different selections
    15:56:41Checking condition and Selection's Trigger Expression winplace_sel_ind_sel_index is less than 3.
    15:56:41Condition is: TRUE. valid for 2 selections: Mellys Flyer, Pablo Del Pueblo.
    my thinking was that the winplace_ would match against the same selections but its seems to work a little differently than I had first imagined, can you suggest anything please
    my goal is to remember the selection index of a runner in the morning (based on win market), and then to be able to use that in a trigger for the win market and also for a trigger in the place market
    thanks, Gary
  • #2 by MarkV on 31 Aug 2022
  • Hi
    I think this has to do with Betfair's row order. The index in MFP is the same as on Betfair. However, sometimes Betfair may re-order their row order based on rank as the market develops through the day. Another reason sel_index may be skewed is if a runner is withdrawn (though in your log example all runners ran that race).

    sel_index is fixed in markets like football 1. Home 2. Away 3. Draw, but I'm not so sure in horse markets.

    Depending on how you filter the two morning selections, I would suggest remembering or writing to user variables sel_id.
    sel_id is a unique selection ID number in Betfair's database. This ID is the same in win and place markets.

    then your conditions for later in both win and place markets:
    selections trigger expression sel_id is equal to <user variable 1 from morning>
    or selections trigger expression sel_id is equal to <user variable 2 from morning>

    or you could use selections name
  • #3 by Gary on 31 Aug 2022
  • Hi MarkV

    thats a good idea, I didn't realize that the selection ID was the same for win and place markets :)

    thank you very much