Author Topic: User variables not applying 'Individually for Each Market' in MFPro 7  (Read 1631 times)

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I have a trigger which lays the current score at half-time in the CS market.   I use a variable lay_index to identify which selection index to lay on.  There is a trigger to set this variable for each possible score in the market, so for example these are the triggers for the 0-0 and 3-3 scores:   It works fine when there is only one match being monitored, but when there are several matches the index is set for the first match to reach 54 minutes and all later ones have the same value for the lay_index.   Is this a bug, or am I doing something stupid?

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have a trigger to zero the variable no conditions .
set to once per market.
kake sure that it is the first trigger in the block.

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