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Values in excel
« on: Sat, 26 May, 2018, 15:36 »
OK, as per my message on problems with Excel, I was able to load an alternative profile, and see values, by using the User Variables, and so, I set about trying a trigger that will place a lay bet, on the favourite, using SP. I set the liability amount to cell_fibSequence_A1, which has a value of 10.

I am struggling to understand how I can see any cells value, through the User Variables, BUT, when I put a cell reference for liability, in the amount(liability), it does not place a bet.

I expect I am having some misunderstanding of how MFP interacts with excel, and even though I can see values in the sheet by cell reference, I cannot use them in my trigger?

Excel is not an ideal in any situation, especially after coding many applications to interact with excel and the resources demanded from it are more than acceptable, but as MFP has the ability to communicate with excel, then my needs in terms of the trigger, in the image, are not being met.

Do I have to do something different to communicate with excels sheet values?