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General discussion / Re: Is in the List
« Last post by shirtless on 03 Mar 2024, 12:18 »

thanks for the response, sadly that is not what I need.

With the trebles some will lose and stop and other will carry on, and so you cannot predetermine how many bets will be places on the later selections.

The trigger I have created is for up to 12 EW trebles, and as I say it works well with all the different horses manually added to each treble. I am just trying to work out the easiest way to replicate it in a text document.

I have searched on in the list but not found much, I just wondered if there was a document explaining how to use this, if not I will have a play when I have time to see if I can work it out. The fact that it asks for a list name when I have looked at this makes me think there is a way of breaking the text document down into lists.

So instead of the example above it may be that I need to set the list out as
Treble 1

Treble 2

and then use trigger expression sel_name is in list Treble 1 something like that.

I will have a play at some point, its just its alway easier if you can read how the feature was intended to be used, and as it exists I assume someone knows.
General discussion / Re: Is in the List
« Last post by MarkV on 03 Mar 2024, 12:06 »
Have a look at Item 5. here. Perhaps you could use something like this.
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger following odds movement / Steams
« Last post by MarkV on 03 Mar 2024, 11:56 »
You should be fine. From your first post it sounded like you are monitoring Betfair prices to place bets at bookies.

I also do lots of pre-off football trading and keep a low idle refresh rate around 15 to 20 secs. I think any more than 50 markets concurrently refreshing will slow down MFP but you can experiment and see what is best for you.   
General discussion / Is in the List
« Last post by shirtless on 03 Mar 2024, 10:48 »
Hi, I wonder if there is an article anywhere that explains how best to use the "is in list" part of the trigger expression imported_x is in list.

I have been developing a trigger based on the win treble ones given on the site, and now have it how I want it, but it still uses the approach of typing in the horses name for each treble in turn.

So now to make it slicker, faster and more flexible I am trying to adapt it to taking the selections from a text document.

I think using the list may be the best way to go, but not sure how this feature actually works or the best way to approach it.

So for example, say I had 8 trebles, with horses appearing in multiple lines, can I structure one text document with

Treble 1 HorseA, HorseB, HorseC
Treble 2 HorseA, HorseC, HorseD
Treble 3 HorseA, HorseC, HorseE

etc, and is each line effectively a list - so I then say trigger expression imported_1 is in list Treble 1? if so will imported_1 pick up any horse that is listed against treble 1. This would then enable the current trigger actions to carry on as currently. (At present for treble one I have three OR components where selections name is equal to t1a, t1b, t1c and would like to replace these with "is in list" if that is the most logical approach.

I suspect there is more to it than this, but could do with a read of this feature as a concept so I understand how to get it set up properly using it as designed.
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger following odds movement / Steams
« Last post by Tvorec on 03 Mar 2024, 06:32 »
Thanks MarkV

Yes, I did turn to the MF support for help. I didn't know about the Bf plicy for usage of data and closing accounts. 
I do infact bet at least 1 000 GBP daily (back + lay stakes). I hope there will be no problem for using such a resource and monitoring so many markets. And this is at the top of my regular strategies, for which I do use different PC/MF login. I set the transaction limit up to 400 on both copies. The other point is that I don't know how heavy the trigger will be. I mean in API requests terms. 

Wait and see what will happen.
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger following odds movement / Steams
« Last post by MarkV on 01 Mar 2024, 16:14 »
As an example attached screenshot shows conditions for alert which are:
(in either direction)
tick difference over 1 minute equal or greater than 2
and tick difference over 15 minutes equal or greater than 4

second screenshot shows the alert.  the numbers in the columns are:
tick difference over 1 minute
tick difference over 15 minutes
it picked up the drift on Bayern quite nicely  
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger following odds movement / Steams
« Last post by MarkV on 01 Mar 2024, 10:54 »
No problem making a trigger to alert on price movement. There are probably some ready made triggers that could be adapted, or you could have a trigger to your specification through the trigger development service.

There is a variable tdif_ (see helpfile) which will measure tick difference over any length of time.

But if you will be monitoring many markets for hours then you will need to put some money into those markets or Betfair may consider your usage of their API as business usage.
Triggered betting / Trigger following odds movement / Steams
« Last post by Tvorec on 29 Feb 2024, 19:46 »
Hello guys, 

I have been trying to figure out a solution to implement. I need a trigger that notifies me (no bet placed) when there is some minor/major movement in a market/selection/. I am going to use it for arbitrage with other bookmakers. The idea is that the price moves first at Betfair compared to the bookie I use. The problem is that right now I have to compare odds manually by myself, it is daunting task with some questionable result. I like this to be automated. Any ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Here is the idea

1. All bets will be placed Before kick-off. No in-play! 
2. Major soccer games only *Premiership, Bundesliga etc.  - I need to follow up to 30-50 markets daily. Only Match odds markets - 100-150 selections in total.
3. When there is some minor/major Leap / tick movement (doesn't matter up or down) in ANY of the Markets/selections added - Notification

I figured that I shall use MF in Full mode. And here are my doubts - I am not quite sure which price differences / periods of time to use. I have to choose (0.5, 1, 2 min) by default. I am thinking more of a 0.5, 2 and 30 minutes. Short time for the knowing of the beginning of the action and long time to be sure that the market is interesting and not completely settled at equlibrium. (fair price are achieved). 

It should be something like : 1 STEP If there are > 2/3 ticks ( price difference) movement for 0.5 minute interval - Notification AND
2nd Step - the longer period - 1 minute the price different is bigger than that  in the first step. (4-5 ticks).

I hope you get the idea. Thank you !

Troubleshooting / Re: Execution of Trigger
« Last post by MarkV on 29 Feb 2024, 09:50 »
In case you haven't seen it there is a good article on repeating triggers here. 
Troubleshooting / Re: Execution of Trigger
« Last post by MartinSteiner on 28 Feb 2024, 23:56 »
Hello Mark, 

thank you very much for your explanations. I did further experiments and found this:

If I repeat a block, complete it with close block and configure the triggers within the block with "once per market", the trigger is executed less often, but when the trigger is executed the bets, regardless of whether they are open or closed, are current.

If I only execute a block once and leave out the "close block", but configure the triggers within the block with "execute no more often than xxx seconds", it is not certain that the list of bets the trigger sees, is current. What certain is: the trigger is always executed after an refresh of the market. Even if I set the trigger to 1 second, it doesn't execute more often than the refresh rate of the market.

Depending on the strategy, I have to decide whether to execute the trigger quickly or only execute it when the market and bets are both current.

Thanks again and happy betting!

There is no shame in not knowing anything, but there is shame in not wanting to learn anything. Plato 427–348 8)
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