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Triggered betting / Re: Imported selections & bet type
« Last post by macattak11 on Wed, 23 June, 2021, 02:33 »

Thanks, made a few edits as suggested and its working ok :)
Troubleshooting / Invalid floating point
« Last post by wehey on Tue, 22 June, 2021, 16:08 »
i keep getting an "Invalid Floating Point" pop up which freezes the software until I clear it. But then it comes back within a few mins.
Any ideas guys?
Triggered betting / Custom Triggers
« Last post by rinse04 on Tue, 22 June, 2021, 15:01 »
Hi Guys
Just wondering what the current lead time is like on custom triggers?
Triggered betting / Re: Imported selections & bet type
« Last post by MarkV on Tue, 22 June, 2021, 05:54 »
It is probably easier to have both values on the same line separated by a tab:

"Selection Name"<tab>imported_1<tab>imported_2
"Apache Jewel"   4.0    2.60
"Winx"               2.20  1.60

back trigger condition: selections back price is greater than imported_1
lay trigger condition: selections lay price is less than imported_2
Triggered betting / Imported selections & bet type
« Last post by macattak11 on Tue, 22 June, 2021, 00:06 »
I have a trigger which imports selections and specifies a min back price and max lay price, example as follows:

"Winx"   2.2   1
"Winx"   1.6   2

Its designed to place a back bet when the price is greater than the 1 price and lay when the price is less than the 2 price. I have found that the lay bets have not been firing. 

Firstly, is the selections file able to be arranged in this manner? Or can there be no duplication in runners and assigning them both a back and lay price. 

Troubleshooting / Re: Horse Racing - Place Markets
« Last post by MarkV on Mon, 21 June, 2021, 21:09 »
Please see attached screenshot. I have adjusted the values a bit to be able to easily test. I use Time Machine to test.
winplace_sel_order is what you should use for rank in Win market
I also added a condition which makes sure 2 selections match all the conditions

Regarding all bets get matched, there are no guarantees especially in-play. But if you have a look at the Offset Ticks for the Dutching Lay trigger action it may be of help. Otherwise you might want to put in a stop loss trigger to match any unmatched bets at best available price.

from the manual:
Offset Ticks - Dutching Lay
Specify the number of ticks by which to offset the price of each bet in the Dutching bundle. If you set it to a positive number (or an expression that evaluates to a positive number), the price will be increased by that number of ticks, and if the number is negative, the price will be decreased by this number of ticks. The book% will also be calculated based on the new prices. Note: if the price offset is negative with back Dutching or positive with lay Dutching, the book% will be calculated based on the current best prices, yet the bets will be placed at adjusted prices. Example: if you lay with a 3 ticks offset, and the current lay price of a selection is 2.0, the book will include 100/2.0 as the selection's chance for winning, yet the bet will be submitted at the price of 2.06. This will ensure a higher chance of matching the bet.
Troubleshooting / Re: Horse Racing - Place Markets
« Last post by joaofrancisco on Mon, 21 June, 2021, 10:41 »
Hello again..... I´m sorry to be being boring, but need to confirm if this is correct....

In the image I have those conditions:

1- Bet is to be in-play market;
2- Number of horses is between X and Y;
3- The rating of the race is between Class 2 and Class 5 (56 to 110);
4- Distance of the race betwen X and Y;
5- Second and third favorites based in the Win Market;
6- Second and third favorites odds are between X and Y based in the Win Market;

So, I want to (1) bet in-play (right after the beggining of the race or when the SP are settle) a dutching lay on the (5) 2nd and 3rd favorites in the Win Market and (6) if the odds of both horses are between certain range....

Is this is correct? Or there are something to change? Another issue is to guarantee that the bets are matched. how can I guarantee that?

Note, that the Dutching Lay is in the Place Market.....

Thank you

General discussion / Re: Market feeder inplay statistics?
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on Mon, 21 June, 2021, 09:16 »
Unfortunately it's quite late (1+ minute) so we haven't applied it to production yet - trying to find a solution.
General discussion / Re: BETFAIR ACCOUNT
« Last post by rubold on Mon, 21 June, 2021, 08:34 »
Well probably not by asking on a forum.
Добрый день.
Без аккаунта BetFair посмотреть текущий графики нельзя - ограничение биржи.
Вы можете авторизоваться "социальной сетью" и смотреть исторические графики (по подписке).
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