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Triggered betting / Re: Soccer trigger - market correct score
« Last post by Talha on 23 Jul 2024, 19:33 »

I will submit a trigger request.

Thank you
Troubleshooting / Re: Why the trigger does not start...
« Last post by Talha on 23 Jul 2024, 19:32 »

MarkV, problem solved as you wrote. 

Thank you.
Triggered betting / Re: Soccer trigger - market correct score
« Last post by MarkV on 23 Jul 2024, 13:21 »
It is better to put in a trigger request if you want a trigger developed for you. But if you wanted to try for yourself here is something you can start with. Please test carefully in test mode before using real money.

DUTCHING BACK amount to spend: 2*my_funds/100 keep inplay
all matching selections
once per market
market status: idle
markets betting code is correct score (soccer)
and markets minutes before the off is equal or less than 2
and markets matched volume is greater than 5000
and markets back book % is equal or less than 115
and selections rank is in list 1,2,3,4,10,17,18
and selections back price is greater than 1.15
and selections trigger expression matching_number is equal to 7

the last condition checks there are 7 selections that match all the previous conditions, if there are not the dutch will not fire
Please could anyone reply I am totally at a loss how this be ignored. I have left numerous messages.


Are you sure you posted your question to the right section?
I don't think BetFair Games Exchange has such liquidity...
Немного сложновато запомнить что-то перед событием :)
Но можно так:
back_price + pdiff_((now_time-last_suspend)*MF_MINUTE)

К текущему коэффициенту прибавляет разность к коэффициенту Х минут ранее, где Х - время с момента приостановки матча.
Естественно в условиях триггера нужно проверить, что счет изменился.
Но этот способ достаточно неточный.
Можно запоминать состояние рынка (действие "Запомнить") каждую минуту и выполнять нужное действие, если счет изменился, используя запомненное состояние.
подскажите, как запомнить последний кеф ЗА перед голом или может есть переменная?
Time Machine / Re: No free markets
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 21 Jul 2024, 21:56 »
Hi, there. I've got the same issue as many others. I've just started the free trial and I can't see any free markets. Can someone help please? Thanks.
Must be fixed now. Please try again. Thank you.
Triggered betting / Soccer trigger - market correct score
« Last post by Talha on 21 Jul 2024, 21:24 »

You could make the following Soccer trigger - market correct score

- Correct score market great liquidity (over 5K) and the back book is low (not more than
   115%, but the lower the better)
- Skip heavy favourites (1.01-1.15)
- Dutch the 7 scores, sorted by odds: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 17th and
   18th favourite scores
- Use the stakes from dutching calculator (The profit is the same on all results)
- Bets are placed just before the start of the match (two minutes before kick-off)
- Use a flat stake (2% from the bank)

In the attachment is an example of manual entry of odds into the calculator (Excel table)

If you still need any information for a better understanding, let me know.

Troubleshooting / Re: Why the trigger does not start...
« Last post by Talha on 21 Jul 2024, 21:00 »
I solved the problem by first opening the program without the trigger. Then I opened the program with the trigger mentioned above again and closed the first one (without trigger). And it's running smoothly right now. Bok also tried as you described MarkV. I'll let you know when I try.

Thank you and best regards
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