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Triggered betting / Re: Limiting number of markets open
« Last post by MarkV on 15 May 2023, 11:47 »
It depends on what markets your trigger needs to be available for each event.

to delete markets with no bets:

delete market
markets number of matched back bets is equal to 0
and markets number of matched lay bets is equal to 0
and markets number of unmatched back bets is equal to 0
and markets number of unmatched lay back bets is equal to 0

plus any conditions needed for time (match_ minute) and current score
Triggered betting / Limiting number of markets open
« Last post by djmotion on 14 May 2023, 17:57 »
Okay so I've been having issues with MF Pro when there are too many markets open. I'm currently betting on O/U markets, my system opens all o/u markets for an event and because there are quite a few, I seem to have issues whenever there are a lot of games and gets worse on a sat and sun afternoon. So I've tried a few things and these are typically what I'm aiming to do... my program is recovery by the way so it only allows one bet at a time.

  • Delete markets asap after settled or finished - I changed the delete setting to delete finished markets except last 20 which worked but messed up my bet control so that it always thought I had a bet on and couldn't place the next bet. Changed it to delete all except last 50, same problem and same problem with delete all except last 100. So I set up a trigger to delete settled markets 150 mins after the off. This trigger stopped executing when the event ended so didn't work
  • Since I only need a bet at a time, I could set-up a trigger that deletes all markets except the one with the bet but not sure how is best to do this or if safe cause might also screw with my values for bet control
  • I only bet on score 1 + score 2 + 0.5 so I could delete any that are 1.5 or above and then the market locator would add them again and the trigger would delete them if the score still hasn't changed. Not sure if this would help.

Any help would be appreciated, I keep ended up having to reload and missing a few hours of bets. Also not ideal if in middle of recovery plan.
Triggered betting / Thank you!
« Last post by BillingBot (WellDoneSoft) on 14 May 2023, 14:46 »
Thank you for creating a FREE request for our Trigger Development Service.

Your topic is now open to our staff and somebody will reply to you shortly.

Please note: the topic will be moved to the public section of the forum according to our terms and conditions.

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Triggered betting / Novo Gatilho
« Last post by Flavio Lucena Da Silva on 14 May 2023, 14:46 »

queria saber se e possivel desenvolver 01 gatilho com as caracteristicas abaixo:

*quando o favorito atingir ODD 2 (editavel) apostar LAY em qualquer cavalo que esteja com ODD entre 6 e 8 (editavel)

*Valor pretendido X (editavel)

*Segundos apos Inicio X (Editavel)

*Recuperacao de RED em X etapas (Editavel)


Troubleshooting / Re: Universal Sequence Reset
« Last post by dac11 on 14 May 2023, 10:12 »
Hi Mark
I have submitted the private trigger request as you suggested last Friday and paid in full for it. Thanks for your help and will look forward to the new trigger
Regards dac11
Triggered betting / Re: Greening up and other conditions
« Last post by madalainoz S on 13 May 2023, 22:43 »
Hi Mark

Probably won't do that-just in case my delusion of a profitable bot turns out to be real;). Also, this was after multiple triggers, conditions/no conditions, different machines,gelocations,12 years of practice etc etc and was still random. The other software will green things ,so I can properly test (notwithstanding the odd non-detection of matched bet API error thingy) While I stay humble and realise nothing is impossible re me being wrong, I think probabilities are low in this context. A simple profit/price calc should run on all (single)matched bets when the spread/loss/profit is uneven, or even run anyway regardless, if I want it to.IMHO, etc I enjoy writing triggers in MFPro.. it is a really cool piece of kit (I'll keep using it for that alone) and generally it is very reliable but I remember this driving me from it years ago. 
Thanks again for replying
Triggers / Re: Modificar Trigger
« Last post by Flavio Lucena Da Silva on 13 May 2023, 11:52 »
Na verdade eu quero trocar o cash-out de ganhos e perdas de porcentagem para valores das ODD.

Set the betting trigger's execute field to once per sports event 
Triggered betting / Re: Greening up and other conditions
« Last post by MarkV on 13 May 2023, 05:27 »
Perhaps ask the trigger development service to check the operation your trigger? You should have at least one free trigger request.  
Triggered betting / Re: Greening up and other conditions
« Last post by madalainoz S on 13 May 2023, 03:13 »
Nope,same ol not ready for a trade out. Possibly a greening up or stop-loss bet has already been placed. or None of the selections qualifies for a green up.
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