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Округлять не нужно. Да и функции такой в MarketFeeder нет - "округлять" до ближайшего "правильного" коэффициента (но если очень надо, то можно ;))
You can send bet at "best" price and/or use "Match unmatched bet" trigger action later (with conditions).
Triggered betting / Creating a Form Point Based Variable
« Last post by PFawcettZ on 29 Aug 2023, 08:47 »

I have tried to create a variable without success to create a point based scoring system based on a runners form. 3 points for first (1), 2 points for 2nd (2) and 1 point for third (3). Points need to be a total of more than 10 to qualify and the total must be the maximum of all horse points. 
Any ideas how to implement this? 

Triggered betting / unmatched bets due to odds movement
« Last post by gray on 28 Aug 2023, 12:15 »
Hi, I have noticed that some of my bets go unmatched due to odds movement at time of placing.
is there a way to tell the trigger to adjust the odds of an unmatched bet if the odds remain within my parameters.

Also is it possible for it to stop placing bets once the race is off (in-play)

Thank you. Yes I saw that and removed it. 

Everything seems to be working apart from the part where it stops when 200 profit is reached for that day.

For example test balance for today was 9405... So it should have stopped once it reached 9605+

Добрый день.

При самостоятельном расчете коэффициента для ставки у меня получился коэффициент 2.076. В таком случае его необходимо округлять чтобы не было ошибки или MF PRO сама округлит и отправит правильный коэффициент?

Sorry, I forgot to remove the condition that the selection had to be among the first three favourites. I used it for testing purposes.
Attaching the corrected triggers.
Hi Market Feeder Fam,

Was doing some reading through the forum on WOM and POM.

I know on horse racing it can be helpful some what when searching for a bet close to the off.

My question is after much forum reading is how do i express the "least amount" as a percentage and max amount "as a percentage" of WOM in a trigger expression so i could use "in between"


selections WOM is between least percentage and max percentage

so i can use the Time Machine to find the sweet spot percentages?

Is it as simple as 0.01 being 1 % up to 1.00 being 100% ?

Same for POM need to know how to write these percentages also.

Thanks for any help, just want to know before i test i am constructing the trigger expressions percentages correctly. :)

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