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Triggered betting / Re: Greening up and other conditions
« Last post by madalainoz S on 12 May 2023, 06:35 »
Well after watching this fail, over and over again, randomly and then getting worse over time:-\, I have given up on MFPro being able to green up for multiple bets.Looks like I'll have to keep my subscription to other software like BA
Triggered betting / Re: Formulas
« Last post by Wez on 10 May 2023, 21:01 »
Tip if you prefer furlongs to metres (Win markets)

I prefer to work in miles and furlongs and to that end I create variables in my triggers which give me the race distance in miles and furlongs.  Whilst I understand you can use Market name contains "2m5f" or whatever, I find it cumbersome and long winded creating trigger conditions that way when several distances want covering.  The below will only work in win markets I believe.

Create a user variable (e.g. Dist_in_f) and set it to INTEGER(market_length/201.16)
Don't change the 201.16 to have more precision otherwise the result will always be 1f out.
This yields the race distance in furlongs.

I then use this variable in my triggers like so:

Selection's trigger expression Dist_in_f is in list 5,6,7,8


Selection's trigger expression Dist_in_f is less than 9

Obviously, dividing Dist_in_f by 8 and taking the integer will give you the number of miles in the race.
Dist_m    = INTEGER(Dist_in_f/8)

To see how many furlongs accompany the mile(s), Dist_f = Dist_in_f-(8*Dist_m)


Dist_in_f    = INTEGER(market_length/201.16)
Dist_m    = INTEGER(Dist_in_f/8)
Dist_f   = Dist_in_f - (8*Dist_m)


Fiz o testes, mas tenho um problema.

Eu gostaria que o acumulo de lucro, fosse adicionado a responsabilidade, porem ele está sendo adicionado a stake, onde acaba gerando uma responsabilidade muito alta na próxima entrada. 

Isso pode ser solucionado?
Agradeço desde já.

With regards to problem #1, the standard way to unblock triggers that have stuck because one of the previous markets is still not settled (it may be displayed as finished but in reality it may be abandoned or voided) is to add a condition that will ignore this market after a certain time. You can still keep the main condition that checks the number of simultaneous bets, just move it to a condition block and add the second condition e.g.:

   Selection's Trigger Expression bet_cntr is less than max_bets
   or Previous Triggered Event's Minute before the off is less than -30

This will make the triggers go ahead after 30 minutes of waiting since the scheduled beginning of the market that is still deemed non-settled.
I have a maximum lay price of 5.0 when placing the bet so I would need to have the same conditions on a trigger for matching the bet too. I would hope though that the bet would be matched before the price gets that high. They tend to only go above 5.0 in the last few minutes of the match but I know what you mean about price gaps in low liquidity. Hopefully with the price conditions, I'll avoid markets with to big of a gap in prices. I'll get it set up with the price conditions. Everything else seems to be working okay for now so will see how it goes, cheers.
Troubleshooting / Re: Problems with mf pro stopping or trigger stopping
« Last post by MarkV on 09 May 2023, 05:47 »
You could try that but because they are lay bets it would need very strict conditions regarding the maximum best available price price to match to. Otherwise your lay bet could be matched at best price which may be an enormous price and liability especially in markets with low liquidity and big gaps in the prices.
So with the trigger from item 4. Could I set it up the same way but change the status to inplay and instead of minutes before the off, change it to minutes since the offer is greater than (the constant I have for the bet time) and then execute no more than every 0.5 mins so therefore it would attempt to match any unmatched bets at the best price every 30 seconds?
Troubleshooting / Re: Problems with mf pro stopping or trigger stopping
« Last post by MarkV on 08 May 2023, 17:34 »
One of these should do what you want - just modify conditions to your needs:

Item 4. here

This trigger is in an older version format. Just open the file in Trigger Editor and save it to convert to new version

Another example trigger

Also in the Stop Loss settings there are options to match unmatched bets at best price

You can also lay a few ticks higher than best price to try ensure a match: r_ticks(lay_price, 3) will lay 3 tick higher than best lay price. Betfair will then "auto match" from best lay price up to 3 ticks higher if the volume is there   
Обсуждение / Re: Place = Win
« Last post by Harli on 08 May 2023, 17:06 »
В том, что winplace_market_id НЕ равно market_id
win_market_id = N
place_market_id = N+1
т.е. эти id отличаются на 1 для win и place рынков
I've managed to set it up so that it takes the event as a loss by adding a calculation to the trigger. It adds an extra risk factor but recovers all my losses or makes extra profit if the event was a win. Another worry I'm having is being matched at higher amounts. Originally, I was backing one more goal so if the bet was unmatched then betfair normally auto match the bets as the back price increases and more market volume is added but now I'm laying one more goal as this reduces liability sizes. The problem is betfair only auto matches if the lay price reduces but the lay price is rising. Have you got any advice for making sure to get matched?

I know there are methods for drip feeding the money into the market but is there any other ways like setting up a condition to match unmatched bets at current price? My starting bets are currently £1.00 so I don't have any problems at the moment but I'm hoping to increase the starting bet to £10 which could end up with bets of £300+.
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