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Triggered betting / Thank you!
« Last post by BillingBot (WellDoneSoft) on 02 Mar 2023, 18:41 »
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Triggered betting / Trigger check
« Last post by Gerard Amura on 02 Mar 2023, 18:37 »

Could you please look at the attached trigger. It's working mainly as planned. However, if it suffers a second loss before the first loss has been recovered, it just stops placing bets and I can't see why. Woould be useful to have a variable to control the number of outstanding un-recovered losses, if that is possible.

But it certainly needs to be more than one.

Many thanks in advance
Triggered betting / Re: three-back-bets-over-05/
« Last post by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 28 Feb 2023, 11:56 »

Please see your amended triggers attached.

Use the constants inside the file to adjust the trigger settings. Set the new constant full_time to 0 if you want to bet on Over 0.5 goals in the First Half Goals market, or to 1 if you want to keep betting on Over 0.5 goals in full time.

Accordingly, adjust the max_05_price to a higher value if you bet in the First Half Goals market as prices tend to be higher there.

Make sure you've tested the triggers in Test Mode before you switch to real money. I recommend testing triggers in Time Machine, as you can run your strategy by multiple markets in minutes, and the data is very cheap. 

If you'd like to make any changes to the original trigger description, please make a new trigger request.

If the triggers do not meet your original requirements, please reopen this request by clicking "Flag it as Incomplete".
General discussion / Betfair Maintenance
« Last post by MarkV on 27 Feb 2023, 18:49 »
For info Betfair will be down for maintenance Tuesday 28th February 04:10 to 07:10
...ага, спасибо большое Тим!!!
-profit_loss / (lay_price - 1)
Hi and welcome
Your requirement is certainly possible.
Basically you would import selections from a text file 
and then the trigger would place the bets as you require

Here is an example of a drip feed, but I think it will need modifying for your need. You can try yourself, but if you subscribe to MFP for a month or more you can request a free trigger development to your spec. Details here. 
Hi Everyone,

New to the software but I think it should be able to do what I need.

I need to automate bet placement on Australian greyhound win markets. Each day, I have about 20 individual selection that I would like to bet on based on the following conditions;

At 20 seconds before jump time, back price must be within an odds range (this range will be different for each runner)

If the above is satisfied, I would like to 'drip feed' bets into the market. 5 bets to be placed - 20s before jump, 10s before jump, 0s, 10s after jump and 20s after jump.

Would also like to be able to have different stakes for each runner (this can be automatically set up as proportionate to the nominated minimum odds range)

As mentioned I only want to apply this to a specific set of runners. What is the most efficient way to do this and does anyone know of a similar existing trigger as a starting point?

Triggered betting / Re: three-back-bets-over-05/
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 24 Feb 2023, 08:29 »

Your trigger is in the queue (there are 5 ones ahead). We do all our best to make them quicker but some triggers require a lot of testing.
Thank you for your patience.
Здравствуйте, буду признателен, если кто подскажет как прописать, чтобы размер ставки, равным размеру обязательств, уже имеющейся ставки??? В переменных не нашёл, там есть только размер обязательств по СП...
Пробую от размера ставки bm_laya*2.4/(1-commission), но не знаю, что получится... 
P.S. скрины для наглядности...
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