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Time Machine / Re: Tennis scores
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 12 May 2022, 10:18 »
On 7 March 2022 we've fixed the issue with the scores information bug and it'll be available for these markets (since 7 March) soon.
Our developers work on it.
If the markets you bought have the scores it'll be added for free.
Sorry for inconveniences.
Let’s look into what happens to horses’ prices when one of them is withdrawn from a race.

Since the winning probabilities of other horses will thus increase, their cumulative price (book %) will naturally decrease (otherwise we would be having an overround).

However, for some horses, the prices drop truly dramatically, which is obvious from the price graphs (the dashed lines denote a withdrawn runner).

To be clear, the prices of other horses will therefore soar at the same moment (which makes sense, as they need to compensate for the lowering of other prices). Those horses we can ignore.

What we want to focus on is the horses who see the biggest price drop. Their prices will eventually climb back up, so you will have a good opportunity for a green-up.
Time Machine / Re: Tennis scores
« Last post by JP_potts on 12 May 2022, 09:53 »
Hi Tim. Thanks for your reply.

Each market was 8p.  I suppose I can count myself lucky I didn't buy a few months worth of matches ;D

Would you be able to point me in the right direction for markets with scores, please?  

Also, I think I remember reading on the forum somewhere that you used to use Betfair for scores, but now you use a 3rd party.  Is that still true, or was ever true? 
Time Machine / Re: Tennis scores
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 12 May 2022, 09:38 »
Yes, unfortunately tennis scores mostly unavailable due to BetFair API changes.
Have you charged for these markets as having the scores (double price)?
General discussion / Re: Betfair against traders?
« Last post by shakeshuck on 12 May 2022, 09:19 »
Is it possible that these leagues are used by money launderers? It may be that they think minor leagues would not be under as much scrutiny and use these to pass large amounts back and forth?

Betfair of course know where connections are coming from and may choose to try to stop apparently illegal behaviour?
Time Machine / Tennis scores
« Last post by JP_potts on 12 May 2022, 09:07 »
I have a trigger that uses tennis scores and trying to test it in Time Machine.

Using the free matches that are included with the Time Machine installation work fine, however, I purchased around 100 tennis matches played in March this year, and none of them display the score or execute my trigger.  

Can anyone help me with this, please?
General discussion / Re: Exporting data at multiple times
« Last post by shakeshuck on 11 May 2022, 15:27 »
Thanks guys.

I'll have a look at that example.
Troubleshooting / Re: MF Default HMTL app
« Last post by billybunt on 11 May 2022, 14:14 »
No, sorry, I was a little unclear now I read it back, but Tim understood what I meant: I was noting the issue with the home/welcome screen specifically not using default browser to open links. Yes, triggers/logs etc use Windows default browser setting. They're two entirely different systems in the app.

I understand what Tim means above. He's saying the MPF home page is itself an actual integrated browser engine that points to a page on their website: IE. Links however can't typically be forced to open a different browser (unless you're Microsoft themselves ;)).

It's still weird though it was kind-of working in the previous released build which is why I thought maybe it was a tractable issue: a link from the home page opened a blank IE, which then automatically closed and opened Edge. It's not a big deal, but it was a useful quick tool to be able to access posts and info in a browser from the app. 

Troubleshooting / Re: MF Default HMTL app
« Last post by armarni on 11 May 2022, 10:22 »
Does changing your default browser to chrome help the situation?

Chrome is set to default on my windows 10 machine, and mfp uses that as the browser to display statements, programme and trigger logs.  It works without issues.

Just a thought.
Troubleshooting / Re: crashes
« Last post by armarni on 11 May 2022, 10:17 »
That sounds like a very logical approach.

All I can say from my personal experience is that I re-wrote everything verbatum into a new trigger file, and since then the problem has not recurred, one week so far without a crash.  Before re-writing the trigger that profile of mfp would crash every time I tried to open a trigger log file.

In my mind the trigger file itself had become corrupt, not any specific value that I'd put into it. By the way, my programming knowledge is totally non existant, so I'm just going on a hunch, nothing more concrete than that!
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