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Troubleshooting / Re: не правильный емаил
« Last post by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on Wed, 13 February, 2019, 14:26 »
Напишите на [email protected] и укажите, какой адрес вводите.
Triggered betting / Re: Triggers on Laypro88 - correct?
« Last post by rubold on Wed, 13 February, 2019, 13:59 »
To prevent betting in-play, just change the market status in the lay trigger to Idle or Suspended.   The condition you refer to "Trigger laying Number of runs in the market is equal to 0"  ensures that the first time the triggers are used or after restart, then a bet will be placed and not prevented by the following condition "or Previous Triggered Event's Status is Settled".   These two conditions are always required when a staking system requires the outcome of the previous event before proceeding.    
смотри, из 20 игр 15 лузануло, начали ставить, но игра идет далее, и из 20 уже будет не 15 игр как должен действовать триггер в таком случае? параллельно как бы получается на дальнейшую последовательность игры ? не просто так спрашиваю, важно от этого зависит как условия прописывать. 
Triggered betting / Triggers on Laypro88 - correct?
« Last post by mk34 on Wed, 13 February, 2019, 12:28 »
Hi all, the standard trigger for Laypro88 seems to allow the trigger to be placed at any time before a market is settled, so it allows the option of in-play triggering, which would not strictly follow the intention of the strategy. I know this has been discussed some time ago, but there doesn't appear to have been a fix to the trigger (if that's even possible).

I've tried tweaking the trigger, in the 'laying' section where it default to market status 'All Except Settled' i'm not sure what that's trying to do. I changed it to market status 'Idle or Suspended' and a few triggers happened, but then it stopped, saying 'Inappropriate state of market (Finished)'. Presumably this is referring to the last triggered market is it? So no new trigger will implement if the last market is Settled, but it will implement is the last triggered market is anything else?

There are also a few supplementary conditions to this trigger I don't understand as well. It says Lay if.. Idx, lay_price, min_runners, lay_price_diff & mins_before_off... all those conditions seem fine, but then it says AND "Trigger Laying if No of Runners is equal to 0" where 0 is the paste condition. I don't understand that condition, would someone be able to explain it for me please? Then there is an 'or' condition tagged on to that 'and' condition, saying 'or if previous triggered event is settled'. That 'or' part seems to contradict the condition I mentioned in the second para where it triggers on anything except settled.

All in all i'm very new to this software but a little puzzled by what the conditions are telling me. I've attached a couple of screenshots in case i've not explained it very well.

And is there a way to stop this triggering on in-play markets at all?

Many thanks (and apologies if this topic is in the wrong section)
Обсуждение / Re: Индексы исходов
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on Wed, 13 February, 2019, 10:52 »
Если список не изменяется (рынки добавляются/удаляются), то индекс, естественно, не меняется.
Обсуждение / Индексы исходов
« Last post by shomanus on Wed, 13 February, 2019, 08:13 »
Добрый день.

У меня такой вопрос: утром через Marcet Locator загружаются в Мои Рынки все рынки на сегодняшний день.
Меняется ли порядок исходов (т. е. индексы исходов) в рынках в течении дня, после некоторого количества обновлений?
Имеется ввиду не на сайте BF, а в программе, в Моих Рынках.

Hi Kevin,

Like I asked in another topic/ticket you created, please attach a screenshot with bets that demonstrate how you want to close that bet, as it is currently not very clear what you mean.
Triggers / Re: Back/Lay Trap Galgos
« Last post by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on Tue, 12 February, 2019, 21:01 »
Olá! Por favor, veja seus gatilhos anexados.

Se você fizer apostas em várias seleções, não poderá fazer a recuperação de perdas em etapas, a menos que faça Dutching. Então os gatilhos estão fazendo apostas Dutching.

Você pode usar as constantes para ajustar as configurações do gatilho.

Certifique-se de ter testado os gatilhos no modo de teste.
Сейчас тестирую ставки на подающего с последующим уравниванием. Пока выглядит не очень. О результатах отпишусь в очередном обзоре.
как по мне теннис  не поддаеться мат.ожиданиям.геймы можно играть в принципе удачно но только на топ турнирах мужчин
Triggered betting / Selections
« Last post by cybernet69 on Tue, 12 February, 2019, 20:53 »

Is there a way using a trigger to only select selections if the difference between them is <= 3 odds and there is >= 3 of them ?


Selection A odds 4.2
Selection B odds 5.6
Selection C odds 6.0

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