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The market variable "commission" returns your Betfair account commission rate divided by 100.
(10/(1-0.025))/(4.0-1) = 3.42
OK, so in the first example, if the price was 4.0, then the mequation is 10/(4-1)
Which equals 3.33.

However, the second string has me confused ...  so, (10/ (1-2.5))/(4.0-1)?
How does that place extra stake to offset the 2.5 end deduction?

in the amount field use:
target profit / (back price -1)
e.g. 10/(back_price -1)

if you want to take into account commission:
Is there a way to make the trigger place a back bet and, adjust the stake to win a set amount according to the price?

Triggered betting / Re: Max and min prices in lay trigger?
« Last post by therealaxxeman on 01 Aug 2023, 09:20 »
That's great thanks.  I read through the online help manual but could not find that.
Time Machine / Re: UK Horse Racing race status on Time machine files
« Last post by SEAN B on 01 Aug 2023, 07:26 »
Hi Tim,
I've bought 100 cards but only sampled a few. A couple of examples for you. Flat cards from 1st August 2022: Ayr, Ripon, Carlisle and Windsor. For each of these meetings, race status only appears on the 2nd race on each card and is missing from the other races.
Jumps cards from 3rd December 2022: Wetherby, Aintree, Chepstow and Sandown. Race status is present for the 1st race on these cards but missing for the other races.
I need the race status for the triggers I'm testing.
My settings were to start monitoring markets from 1.2 minutes out. I've tried running monitoring from 2 minutes out. Makes no difference. 
Weird one.
Thanks for your help
Triggered betting / Re: Max and min prices in lay trigger?
« Last post by MarkV on 01 Aug 2023, 06:24 »
Hi and welcome
add another constant and call it say low_price, value: 1.05
add a condition to the laying trigger:
and selections lay price is between low_price and the_price

Apologies, I forgot to remove a condition I used for testing. Please test the attached triggers again and let me know if the problem persists.
Triggered betting / Max and min prices in lay trigger?
« Last post by therealaxxeman on 31 Jul 2023, 21:35 »
Hello, I have a working trigger for lay bets where the price is less than 1.99, and it works fine.  The price is set as a constant the_price with a 1.99 value.

However, I would like to add a second price of, say, 1.05 as the lowest price and get the trigger to only lay when the current price is between those two constants.  How do I add the 1.05 so that everything continues to work properly?

Thank you.  (Learning curve)
Something is not working correctly. I ran it with time machine on 1st of June 2023

I've attached the picks that should be imported.

The very first race. It recognizes the correct bets but then for some reason only bets on the first or occasionally on some other selections.
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