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Following the recent changes to the Exchange Games code, you have not been able to log in to X-Feeder for a few days.
We have now released a fix, which you can download below, as well as from the official website.

Alongside the code fixes, we have also made the following changes:

1. The P/L graph in the main application window is now slightly enlarged.

2. We fixed the bug that allowed you to place test bets immediately as a new round started, with the prices from the previous round, giving the impression that such bets could be matched in real. Although this bug was not easy to reproduce, it allowed some dishonest users to claim they have found a profitable strategy and sell it to other X-Feeder users. This code flaw has not been removed.

3. The action log is now displayed for the currently selected channel only. As you switch to another channel, the log records will change.

Download X-Feeder v. Full Version.

Download X-Feeder v. Lite Version

We are currently working on improving X-Feeder and its features. If you have anything to suggest, please feel free to post in this section:

X-Feeder Suggestions
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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