Author Topic: Balance History & Array Handling  (Read 8278 times)

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Balance History & Array Handling
« on: 30 Nov 2013, 21:26 »
I would like to be able to access the balance history in, say, Standard HiLo.

The reason for wanting this is because I want to dynamically perform linear regression to detect the current trend.  Or better still is a linear regression function is added whereby the user can choose the number of data points to use in the balance history (e.g. 16, 32, 50 or whatever).

So some array handling capability would be really useful too!
e.g. sum(hist_1_pl:hist_64_pl), but better still, sum(hist_user_var_1_pl:hist_user_var_2_pl) so I can create a sliding window along the balance.

It would also be good if user 2 dimension arrays could be created too to help to the maths for the linear regression calculation of the sliding window of the balance.


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Re: Balance History & Array Handling
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